“This song is too much fun not to be able to sing it!” I thought one day, warbling a little of the beloved Italian ballad, “Funiculi, Funicula.” The few English lyrics I came up with that day grew into a song telling the story of Jesus and His love for each one of us. I’m celebrating today, on my spiritual birthday, that it’s a story He’s writing in my life!

Here’s a fun family version you can watch and sing along with on Youtube. You may need to click on CC (Closed Captions) to see the lyrics. They are also written below.

He is the Lord, He is my God!

He made the heavens, earth and all the creatures, and it was good

(and it was good).

He made the man and woman in His image; all very good

(all very good).

He blessed the man and woman in the garden, life at its best

(life at its best).

He blessed the seventh day and made it holy, a day of rest

(a day of rest).


Praise Him! Praise Him! Heav’n and earth applaud! 

Worthy! Holy! True and faithful God!

He is the Lord, He is my God, He is the Lord, He is my God!

I will ever sing because the Lord, He is my God!

The man and woman listened to the serpent, and all was lost

(and all was lost).

They tasted the forbidden fruit together, at what a cost

(at what a cost).

Now fear and enmity were our companions, but Jesus came

(but Jesus came).

He took our sins and bore them all on Calvary — and cleared our shame

(and cleared our shame).

To all who would receive Him, He gives new life, saves by His grace

(saves by His grace).

Once more we walk with Him in joy and freedom, and seek His face

(and seek His face).

His Word delights and strengthens and transforms us; His words are life

(His words are life).

His Holy Spirit fills, unites and guides us, and stills our strife

(and stills our strife).

One day we’ll stand before His throne in heaven, because He came

(because He came).

From every people, tribe and tongue and nation, we’ll praise His name

(we’ll praise His name).

There’ll be no sorrow, pain or tears or night there, He’ll be our light

(He’ll be our light).

We’ll sing His justice, love and grace forever, all things made right

(all things made right).

Lyrics by Judy Neibling, 2023

Music by Luigi Denza, 1880

I hope you’ll praise Him with me! Following Him has made the last 48 years sweet. There have been trials along the way, of course, but my life has been full of peace, purpose and growth because of His Word and work in me.

If you’re someone who is thinking about following Jesus someday, may I urge you not to wait? I trust in God’s perfect timing in my life, but if I were able to live my life over, I wouldn’t wait for a single moment to surrender all I am to Him. His forever love and joy are worth having — starting now.

Read more about making a decision to follow Jesus in About “The Nearness of God” or see everyperson.com for more information. You can also read my story of coming to faith in Christ in: How My Song Began.

4 thoughts on ““Funiculi, Funicula” for people who have found eternal love and those who will want it someday

    1. Thanks, Ginny! Yes, it’s been a joy! Thanks for joining me and telling me about Jesus. Love you.

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