Judy Neibling

Welcome! I’m so glad you came by. I hope you’ll enjoy learning and drawing nearer to God with me. 

A little about me:

I am a lover of language, literature, and music. 

As a writer, I have done a lot of writing about other people. Now, I feel called to share my own lessons as well. 

My childhood roots are in suburban Maryland, USA, but my long-term stays in the Caribbean, Latin America and Southeast Asia have made me culturally sensitive. So, I honor my friends from other countries, but I know I still have a lot to learn about their cultures.

I treasure:

Audio books. I prolong my chores to keep listening.

Getting out under the sky, walking, and enjoying the colors, sights, and sounds of creation. I’m a novice birder.

Heart-to-heart conversations.

Friends who hold me accountable.

Spending time with God and His life-giving Word, the Bible, every day.

The amazing people with me here (shout-out to the gorgeous man in the middle, my belovED and my top-notch EDitor):

You are my special guest! Thanks again for coming by!