My son gestured to the view from our back porch. “That’s your TV,” he said to me. He’s right. God’s amazing show is always running and always worth watching. I love to look out and see Venus shining brilliantly in the dark morning sky. The outrageous oranges, pinks and golds of sunrise make me wonder at this brief and awe-inspiring treat God planned for those of us who are up early. 

Sunrise this January
Wood storks with their Audrey Hepburn wings
Roseate spoonbill

What birds are picking their way around the pond outside today? Wood storks, ibises, egrets, herons? Maybe the funny roseate spoonbill? For a long time I missed the killdeer skittering around our end of the pond, as I looked at the bigger birds.

When we moved into our new home in Florida, I was scared when I sighted an alligator in the pond. I called the homeowners’ office to report it. The man who answered seemed a little amused. 

“Is it interacting with anyone?” he asked. “Well, no,” I said, starting to feel embarrassed. “We don’t usually bother with them unless they’re interacting with anyone,” he said. OK.

Now, five years later, I’m used to glancing out my window as I sort my laundry, checking on the occasional alligator sunning itself on the side of the pond. But I always take a light outside with me at night in case one is exchanging our pond for another.

A visiting alligator

Another occasional visitor to the pond is the anhinga, or “snakebird,” swimming along with just its long snake-like neck sticking out of the water until it dives swiftly to fish. Later you’ll see it drying its wings on the side of the pond. 

Looking out, I often see sandhill cranes, almost always in pairs, strutting about on the grass, making their blood-curdling cry. Sometimes I see the red flash of a cardinal, or hear the “kiyr, kiyr” of the red-shouldered hawk wheeling overhead. 

Sandhill cranes with chicks

When I watch the stars and planets and the moon follow their courses, and see the sunrise shift gradually from one side of our view to the other, I marvel at the One who set it all in motion. The heavens are telling His glory (Psalm 19:1), and in wisdom He has made all His works (Psalm 104:24). 

Emerson said, “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” Yes. My Father gave me eyes and ears to take in all this beauty. I take heart, because He’s the One taking care of me. Thank You for keeping the show on, Lord. I get to know Your love better as I watch.  

Photos of tricolored heron at top and anhingas by Andrew Neibling

If you haven’t discovered life in Christ, don’t hesitate to check it out. Life is too short to miss His love and perfect plan for you. Read About “The Nearness of God” or see for more information. You can also read my story of coming to faith in Christ: How My Song Began.

8 thoughts on “His Show is On All the Time

      1. Wow. Quite a display of wildlife! We have a lesser version on our nearby pond/lake. Got a Hank Heron, Titus Turtle and friends, Gracie and Gus Goose and friends, Snyder the Slider, Mortimer Mockingbird and friends, and a recently spotted Muskrat ( yet unnamed). And a variety of wildflowers. I post pics weekly on our community Facebook..

      2. That’s quite a variety, Fred! Fun to hear your names. I haven’t gotten that far! Thanks for sharing about your show!

  1. You are welcome. I appreciate the joy in viewing in photos what you see when you are. Thank you! I especially liked the Sandhill Cranes with their chicks.

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