It's the Little Things
for Ed

It’s the little things that just won’t wait.
It’s the little things that make us late.
It’s the little things that I must do,
It’s the little things that make you blue.

I’ll dye my roots; I’ll bake some bread.
I must put clean sheets on the bed.
This dress and jewelry just won’t do –
I’ll try another dress or two.

I need some water; where’s my phone?
My list goes on; oh, how it’s grown!
You said, “I’m going to the car.”
I will leave things the way they are!

For you, the little things will have to wait.
I’ll tell the little things, “I won’t be late.”
Oh, I will learn; I will be true.
So, “No!” to little things, and “Yes!” to you!
It’s the Little Things

Years ago I heard a pastor say he would ask his wife, who was always running late, “Are you going to bake bread before we leave?” It makes me smile to picture this. I enjoyed including the idea in this little song I wrote and gave to Ed on his birthday in 2018, as I vowed once again to be on time.

Some of the things that make me late really are silly, like trying on too many outfits. Obviously, I wouldn’t dye my roots at the last minute (I don’t think).

But most of the things I think of doing at the last minute are responsible things to help our family. Shouldn’t I be appreciated for my thoughtfulness? Shouldn’t someone help me with my last-minute chores?

Maybe. Maybe, if I started earlier on these things, I would have time to recruit others to help, and we could actually do them all and still be on time. Or, since Ed would rather not just be on time, but early, I could give up my determination to do everything I want to do before we leave, no matter what time it is.

A disconcerting thought

Sometime after I wrote the song, a disconcerting thought came to me. My lateness is not just a matter of thinking time can be stretched, and not honoring Ed; it’s a matter of putting myself first, and not honoring God, who wants me to honor Ed (and others who might be kept waiting). Oh.

As I was thinking about the “little things,” I was reminded of the “few things” Jesus told His disciples about in the “Parable of the Talents,” one of a series of parables about being ready — found faithful — when He returns. (A talent was a monetary unit in Israel.)

Three servants were entrusted with different amounts of talents while their master was gone. Two were careful and invested the money well, making a profit. 

To each of these, the master said,

“Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” (Matthew 25:21, 23)

The third servant feared the master and hid the money given to him, of course producing nothing. He was called wicked, lazy, and worthless, and thrown into outer darkness!

Hmm. Have I been faithful with the “few things” Jesus has entrusted to me? Not by investing money, as in this parable, but by investing well the time I have been given? By preparing to be early and a help to Ed, rather than a discouragement? Sadly, I have nearly always chosen the latter.

I hope I will yet live up to my song and “be true” to Ed, honoring him (and others) with the use of my time. My Hubby has learned to be patient with me. How glad he would be if I surprised him with an earlier me!

Investing wisely

Jesus wants me to invest all of the time He has given me wisely, and talent (in this case, my natural abilities) and treasure too. He will call me to account for the gifts I’ve been given. He longs for me to share His happiness when He comes. I pray I will give Him joy. He is always faithful — always on time — for me. 

My plan? I’ve placed a pink sticky note on the current page in my journal, entitled “Being on Time,” with room for verses and new thoughts. I will move it with me as I turn to new pages. And I’m marking this date in 2021. By God’s grace, there will be better investments of my time to report. 

How will I celebrate? I’ll bake some bread. 

Are there “little things” in your life that sadden someone special, and Someone special too? Join me in praying?

Lord Jesus, I want to be faithful with this one life I have. Make me a blessing to my husband, family and others, far beyond what I can imagine. In Your strength, I will wisely invest my time, talent and treasure. I want to share Your happiness! In Your name I pray.

Photo by Ariel Pilotto on Unsplash

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4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things That Make You Blue

  1. Well said, Judy. It is the little things we do habitually that can disappoint our loved ones.
    Thank you for the reminder and for the beautiful prayer. Blessings to you, as you are a blessing to so many!

    1. Thank you so much, Coyce. That is great encouragement! You are very welcome. I appreciate you!

  2. Surely this does not apply to me. Then why does the picture of Dan waiting by the car looking at his phone come to mind? How do I deal with not liking to be early?

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